Tired of talking at screens? Tired of complying to a code of conduct from yesteryear? Tired of alleged 'experts' deciding what you can do or how you should think?


Was that a yes? once? twice? or thrice? If so, then Limber up those lips and unfurl those ears, as The Exchange needs you!


No special equipment is required. Just yourself; armed with your experience and reason, to critically converse with others to extrude an untouchabe rational that can serve the rights of everyman.


The aim is abundant. But don't be alarmed, as this makes those preordained targets simply easier to miss!

what's on ?

Exchange 2 | Are you all about the product or the process?

Location: Scene Art Gallery, The Depot, 38 Upper Clapton Road, E5 8BQ

Dates and Time: Exchange 2: 12.04.16 at 7.00pm

The Exchange is asking you to bring your opinions, thoughts and ideas to the table and take part in the second of a pair of discussions to deliberate the way society measures and rewards the lives we lead...


The Exchange will be held as part of Scene's exciting new series of exhibitions called Process. The exhibition aims to open a discussion across multiple creative disciplines, looking at the different emphasis placed on the importance of process over outcome.


For more information on how the first exchange went at Scene, click here.


For further information in regards to the exhibition and other events happening at Scene Art Gallery click here.


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