So in the true spirit of the exchange let's kick of this intro with some questions I have got from friends when introducing them to The Exchange.

what is The Exchange ?

It is an event, that aims to mark a change in the everyday conversation held between people, by respecting the rational nature of man to have the right to question and leave no stone unturned.

what is the aim of these events ?

Well, the answer to this will vary for everyone. However, I believe common to all and the spirit from which The Exchange was founded is to embody the life ethos of the Greek philosopher Socrates - the original dialogical man- who stated “The unexamined life is not worth living."


With the topics discussed being broad the event's goal is not resolution based. Instead it aims to initiate a dialogue that allows the participants through discussion to locate their voice and formulate an understanding to rationalise their ideas on any topic and most importantly consider the 'we' when discussing the bigger questions.

what question will I have to answer?

The question will come as a result of an independent body approaching The Exchange with a problem that they require mans rational ideas and understanding. The Exchange then creates a question that allows its participants to converse, explore and discover the principal themes that hold true to the problem posed.


Following the conversation The Exchange will record the path of the dialogue held at the events. Using this as a means to collect and identify the key gaps where further research and regulation is required to resolve the problem posed by the independant body.

what if I cannot answer the question?

Firstly, there is no right or wrong answers!


Every exchange will either present a loose theme beforehand that will give an indication of the conversation to be held at the event or will remain a complete mystery until your arrival at The Exchange. This is for two reasons, firstly, every topic discussed will be broad, so it will inevitably affect you in some way or another and so you will naturally be able to participate in the topic being discussed. Secondly, it removes factual based argument researched before the event and allows personal experience to be the sole tool used to reason an outlook to the question posed.


As a loose guide and to inspire participants to capture the spirit of The Exchange one should embrace the Socratic Method:


Step 1: Look around for statements that many would say are common sense


Step 2: Try and find an exception to this


Step 3: If exception is found then it is false then this statement must be false


Step 4: Nuance the original statement to take exceptions into account


Step 5: Continue this process in search of exceptions. The truth lies only in a statements that it is impossible to disprove



Well thats all the answers I have for now. If you want more simply come along to the next event!

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