process | exchange 2

The second session of The Exchange at ‘Process’ was filled with discussion that attempted to uncover how we should measure a 'successful' life. In trying to unearth a response the conversation amongst the groups swayed to and fro as participants struggled with the selfish conotations of success. Some people searched for a formula for how a succesful life can be measured by all. Some participants found themselves questioning whether their success was truly their own goal. Whilst others explored the emotions that drive us to success and the personal nature of this goal...


If these meare summaries leave you wanting more then keep tuned as the exchange will be conducting research into the outcomes from the two events drawing a comparison of the two and explore whether the measures to obtain a 'good life' have a similar foundation to that on which a 'successful life' is founded.


If you were unable to make the events but are still interested in engaging in the discussion started at the events; then get yourself to down to Dreamspace Gallery from the 16th to the 31st of May where all the outcomes will be exhibited, and the discussion to continue.

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