process | exchange 1

The first session of The Exchange at ‘Process’ was filled with debate that attempted to uncover how we should measure the lives we lead. In trying to unearth a response the conversation amongst the groups twisted and turned. Bringing varied questions to the surface in an attempt to answer the big question: Is a moral life a 'good life'? Is a 'good life' a happy one? Does religion have the recipe to give people a 'good life'? Can emotional responses such as laughter be used as a means to measure the 'good life'? and even, Is the measuring of our lives the problem?...


Now to tell you the outcomes unearthed from this event at this stage would ruin the outlook of the Second Exchange. And so if these few questions get your lips limbered then don't worry as there is another chance to join the discussion as part of 'Process in Work' - to be held on the 12th of April at 7.00pm - at Scene Art Gallery. Click here to get your tickets.


If you are unable to attend the event, and are interested in engaging and furthering the debate following the outcome of the events; then get yourself to Dreamspace Gallery in May where all the outcomes will be exhibited, for you to continue the discussion.

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