process | exchange 2

Are you all about the product or the process?

Location: Scene Art Gallery,The Depot, 38 Upper Clapton Road, E5 8BQ

Dates and Time: Exchange 2: 12.04.16 at 7.00pm

The Exchange is asking you to bring your opinions, thoughts and ideas to the table and take part in the second of a pair of discussions to deliberate the way society measures and rewards the lives we lead.


Easy. No?


To delve into the depths of this discussion, you will be asked to converse with all participants from numerous angles around the topic. To capture the process of our discussion, you will be asked to record important thoughts, ideas and beliefs by using the various mediums made available to you. Following the event, these records will be collated to produce a conversive piece, which will be exhibited at Adrem Dreamspace in May, as part of Scene Art Gallery's final exhibition within the Process Series.


The two events will have no influence on the other, instead they will be run as parallells, allowing us to see whether a holistic rational for measuring life becomes apparent. So no need to worry about which date to sign up for, as both will have the exact same origin!


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